SFD is a retail distributor of mobile handsets, accessories, telephone service, internet-set-top boxes and connectivity for SFR, the largest privately owned mobile operator in France.  To keep ahead of demand in this quickly evolving market, the IT Department at SFD has installed an information system based on new technologies for business process automation.  SFD chose Axway to provide its EAI solution with the Synchrony platform.  When the Axway system was first implemented in 2003, there were 20 different file formats.  Today, the system manages over 120 different formats.  Synchrony manages the daily flows to and from SFD’s 300 points-of-sale.  “The stores do not need to place orders as the system manages automatic provisioning.  Sales personnel have all the tools they need, and they can focus on providing a quality experience to the customer,” stated Nasser Badani, Deputy IT Director at SFD.

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