Axway Synchrony – Dynamic Business Interaction Networks

Synchrony is a connectivity and integration platform that provides the building blocks you need to establish dynamic connections for your customers and partners to join and do business in your online community.

Synchrony offers services powered by interoperable components that help you manage internal and multi-enterprise integration. These services include:

File Transfer, Communication and Routing

  • Incoming/outgoing transfer of any type, size and number of files, quickly and securely
  • Rationalizes  all file movements, and avoids complex peer-to-peer connections and unmanageable networks
  • Guaranteed file delivery and acknowledgements
  • One-to-one and many-to-many file distribution and collection
  • Bandwidth prioritization for emergency data flow, such as health alerts or stockouts

Transformation, Integration and Accounting Integration

  • Validation of incoming and outgoing data including data type and semantic validation
  • Data transformation from any to any format
  • Content-based routing
  • Multi-standard compatibility with XML, legacy applications, EDI and ERPs

A Governance-Oriented Framework

The Synchrony governance-oriented framework is suited to today’s enterprise. Synchrony components meet the highest security standards while helping organizations manage growing communities, simplify provisioning, establish new data flows and gain data intelligence with these features:

  • IT Management: Installation, administration, IDE, configuration and deployment.
  • Visibility:  End-to-end monitoring with technical and business views, KPI dashboards, SLA monitoring and audit trails, alerts, non-event support, monitoring of all file transfer-related events.
  • Participant Management: Identity and access management, partner management.
  • Security: Support for the latest data and password encryption mechanisms and all secure communication protocols, intrusion protection, centralized certificate management, versioning, expiration and revocation, centralized authorizations and access policies, U.S. FIPS certified, file signature and encryption (security in motion and at rest).
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