Axway Interchange – Create and Manage High-Volume B2B Communities

Axway Interchange is a high-performance and highly scalable gateway built on an open, Java-based architecture. Designed for event-driven and real-time communications and file exchange, Interchange enables you to use the Internet to establish an online trading community that reliably and securely connects your enterprise with all of your suppliers, partners, distributors, banks, and service providers across private or public marketplaces of any size.

With Interchange, you and your partners have the freedom to choose the best combination of standards and formats – including a wide range of B2B messaging protocols such as EDIINT AS2, ebXML ebMS, OFTP, and managed file transfer with PeSIT support – for your respective environments, applications and business processes. This capability translates into a powerful B2B Gateway that will always be flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate the needs and preferences of your current and future trading partners, while at the same time leveraging your existing investments and processes.

Especially well suited for simplifying B2B communities requiring enriched standards such as EDIINT (AS1, AS2 and AS3), ebXML ebMS, OFTP, Web Services and RosettaNet RNIF, Axway Interchange provides a secure, scalable and easy-to-manage B2B gateway that can extend your business processes beyond your four walls.

Comprehensive B2B communications

  • Consolidate management of all B2B messaging protocols, file transfers and Web services – all in one place.
  • Automate the flow of information for all types of B2B interactions and dynamically route communications based on content, context and partner roles.
  • Leverage a wide range of application integration protocols to integrate B2B business transactions with existing business applications.


  • Administrative home page provides high-level portal view into all facets of administration.
  • Technical dashboards deliver visibility into B2B transmissions and service levels.
  • Axway Sentinel dashboards and monitoring provide advanced KPI and SLA monitoring, comprehensive business event monitoring, proactive notifications and more.

Industry-leading security and compliance

  • Multiple security measures include transparent message and file encryption, secured connections, authenticated partner access, data integrity checks, password policies and non-repudiation of origin and receipt using signed digital receipts.
  • Data is secured in transit, in the DMZ and at rest on the server, regardless of the underlying transport network.
  • IP address white -listing allows only exchanges from approved organizations to flow through.
  • Strong audit trails protect against legal liability and demonstrate compliance with current and emerging regulations and standards.

Flexible partner management and deployment

  • Wizard-driven configuration simplifies all aspects of partner on-boarding and certificate management.
  • Axway Endpoints quickly establish last-mile connections with your trading community.
  • Automatic profile synchronization ensures that information is always up-to-date between you and your trading partners.

Reliability and performance

  • Tuning capabilities and real-time load sharing optimize the processing of transactions within your system to accommodate peak volumes and steady-stream processing across multiple servers or CPUs.
  • Near real-time document exchange (as opposed to batch or once daily) speeds the pace of business.
  • There are no limits on document size.

Integration and interoperability

  • For all standard B2B document structures, Interchange enables content-based routing, including user-friendly configuration and subsequent audit of transactions that leverage document header content.
  • For flexible application integration, Interchange supports AxwayTransfer CFT, as well as a large set of middleware options such as JMS, WebSphere MQ, and Web Services to connect to a wide range of applications.
  • Axway Interchange integrates fully with Axway Transfer CFT, a non-intrusive multi-platform file transfer controller designed for large and growing organizations that need to maintain business agility. Axway Transfer CFT supports the PeSIT protocol, and when used with Axway Interchange creates a highly secure, automated communication gateway for partners that use PeSIT. Also works for A2A PeSIT exchanges, handling flows between applications.

Other Axway gateways include:

  • Axway B2Bi, a B2B/EDI integration solution that extends Interchange with powerful integration capabilities such as full document content-based routing, data mapping from any to any format, B2B/EDI format libraries and application adapters.
  • Axway SecureTransport, a highly scalable, flexible and secure multi-protocol directory-based solution for integrating processes, data, and file-based workflows throughout your global enterprise infrastructure.
  • Axway Gateway, with built-in support for industry-specific protocols, including ETEBAC and EBICS.
  • Specialized B2Bi gateways for the financial services, healthcare, and automotive markets.
  • Robust DMZ Security gateways that secure data as it flows into your enterprise from the Internet and out of your enterprise through your firewall.
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