Axway Secure Client – Centralized Configuration and Control for Simple, Secure, Reliable Data Exchange

Axway Secure Client enables mass provisioning of a reliable, easy-to-use file transfer client to your enterprise users and business partners. Secure Client works with Axway MFT Gateways (Axway Gateway, Axway SecureTransport and Axway Interchange) and can also be used with standard FTPS, HTTPS and SFTP servers to provide advanced file-transfer functionality and security – right off the shelf.

Primarily designed to run on end-user machines, Secure Client provides an easy user experience, hiding all technical underpinnings and seamlessly integrating into the user environment. Secure Client provides these features:

  • Customizable integration into the Windows Explorer contextual menu allows users to send files or directories without having to open Secure Client. Menu entries can be customized at the hub to provide actions for everyday end user activities, e.g. “send to ACME billing service” or “send to accounts payable."
  • Embedded scheduler allows behind-the-scenes upload and download of files to and from end-user machines without end user assistance.
  • Full-featured command-line interface allows behind-the-scenes integration of Secure Client with user-facing business applications that are in need of file transfer capabilities.
  • Integration into the system tray alerts the user if something goes wrong, such as a “service down” or “transfer failed” message, and allows the user to open the monitoring pane for more details, and take the appropriate action if needed (services and transfers restart automatically in most cases).
  • Automatic proxy detection makes it so that users don’t have to manage proxy configuration, saving end-user time, and administration and helpdesk headache.
  • State-of-the-art graphical user interface gives high-end users a full range of options, enabling them to fine tune transfers to meet more demanding requirements.

Axway Secure Client brings experience and leadership in managed file transfer to the masses, providing you and your users with reliable, feature-rich transfer service, including:

  • Use of all Microsoft Windows service recovery options to ensure transfer service is automatically recovered in the unlikely event it stops unexpectedly, or after a power failure.
  • Automatic and manual checkpoint restart to restart at the point of file transfer failure.
  • Data integrity checking and guaranteed traceable delivery to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Bandwidth management to limit global network bandwidth at all times or on a scheduled basis, and also to manually or automatically define different priority levels for each transfer.
  • Integration with Microsoft certificate store to perform single or mutual strong authentication based on machine certificates and security devices.
  • Multiple and recursive uploads and downloads in a single session maximize resource usage to speed up transfer rates.

Axway EndPoint solutions also include:

  • Activator, a self-service, downloadable B2B connector that simplifies partner onboarding.
  • Web Clients, no-footprint Web interfaces that connect any trading partner with a browser and Internet access.
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