Jumpstart Business Flow and Network Provisioning with Axway Activator

Activator is a client/server B2B and MFT connector solution that helps enterprises quickly move collaborative B2B transactions – including EDI – to the Internet.

Activator’s robust provisioning server framework allows you to establish last-mile connections that automatically provide everything your partners, suppliers, distributors, and customers need to exchange information with you — no matter what IT infrastructure they have in place. In minutes, your trading community can leverage the pre-configured Activator file-transfer client to communicate with your enterprise hub in a secure, automated, centrally managed environment.

Axway Activator is:

  • Expandable: Connect trading partners in a single community, using the Internet protocols of your choice. As your comfort level and requirements grow, Activator can be upgraded to the Axway Interchange for even more robust community management.
  • Easy to Install: End users can download the pre-configured Activator software and install it in just minutes.
  • Easy to Use: Activator’s user interface makes it easy for all members of your B2B community to exchange files with your organization, even if they have no technical expertise. Automatic profile synchronization ensures that information transferred between you and trading partners is always up-to-date.
  • Intelligent: End-to-end tracking, reporting, and real-time alerts give you complete visibility into transaction status and volume. Additional monitoring and analysis capabilities are available for all file transfers and transactions on any platform.
  • Secure: Each transaction is encrypted at the message level, ensuring that data is secure.

Axway Provisioning Services

Axway also offers Provisioning Services for Activator, available both as licensed software and as a hosted service. Axway Provisioning Services provides:

  • Portal-driven provisioning: A customizable Web portal offers Axway Activator downloads to your authorized trading partners, and starts the provisioning process.
  • Tailored ramping processes: Web-service implementation lets you assemble a customized ramping methodology that meets your business needs. For instance, you can pre-configure Activator software your partners will download, saving time and eliminating costly configuration errors.
  • Monitoring of the entire provisioning process: Provisioning Services provides status information for each partner, through each step of provisioning, enabling accurate, real-time campaign management.
  • Automated registration: A Web service application running at the hub processes the Activator registration in an automated manner, enabling real-time on-boarding.

Other Axway EndPoints include:

  • Secure Client, a next-generation file-transfer client for exchanging files via HTTP/S, FTP/S, and FTP.
  • Web Clients, low- to no-footprint HTTP EndPoints that connect any trading partner with a browser and Internet access.
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