Extend Your Data Exchange Capabilities to Partners, Customers and Employees the Easy Way – with Axway EndPoint Solutions

Automating your business processes and creating an efficient and secure online community doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming, resource intensive, or risky.

Axway EndPoint solutions allow you (the hub) to establish secure and direct connections with your partners, suppliers, employees and customers (the spokes) over the Internet — quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Axway EndPoint solutions are suitable for enterprise-to-partner, corporate-to–store, and internal user deployments.

Ranging from full-featured thick endpoint clients to zero-footprint Web clients, Axway EndPoint solutions enable you to:

  • Create branded B2B trading communities that require little to no configuration, deploy in minutes, and have minimal management requirements. Axway EndPoint solutions are integrated with Axway Gateways and can also be used with other FTPS, HTTPS and SFTP servers or certified EDI-INT solutions.
  • Quickly connect with key trading partners and service providers without having to write any code. End users gain quick and easy access without having to worry about technical underpinnings.
  • Safeguard critical business information exchange over the Internet with support for multiple security protocols, data integrity checking, and guaranteed delivery.
  • Establish governance, visibility, and auditability to ensure compliance with industry standards and government regulations, as well as your own corporate policies.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility with comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities that deliver deep insight and business intelligence through user-friendly dashboards.
  • Reduce support costs by deploying the same easy-to-use, reliable product to all partners.
  • Automatically provision Axway EndPoint solutions to your users and partners and govern them remotely.
  • Give end users quick and easy access to your secure file-transfer infrastructure, no matter what systems they use or how technically adept they are.
  • Meet a full range of file-transfer needs, from ad hoc interactive transfers using a Web browser to fully automated EDI and batch-transfer jobs on mainframe platforms.

Axway EndPoint solutions include:

  • Activator, a self-service, downloadable B2B connector that simplifies partner on-boarding.
  • Secure Client, a file-transfer client designed to integrate seamlessly in end-user working environments while providing background automation capabilities and hub deployment facilities.
  • Web Clients, no-footprint Web interfaces that connect you to any trading partner with a browser and Internet access.
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