Serialization Management Across Multiple Sites

Forward-thinking organizations know that supply chain visibility is critical to sustainability and innovation, and many are investing in serialization management technology to achieve it. Whether you are implementing barcodes or RFID tagging, the process of generating unique serial numbers across multiple manufacturing sites can be tricky. You have to answer questions like:

  • How do you ensure consistency of serial number ranges allocated to each given production/commissioning cycle?
  • How do you solve middleware issues that may jeopardize the project’s expected benefits, such as capturing and merging distributed events in a central repository?
  • How do you deploy a mass-serialization pilot initiative across a heterogeneous technology environment made up of multiple ERPs, tagging systems and/or business applications?
  • How do you accommodate the progressive adoption of GS1 standards, which may require multiple codification reference standards until they are fully merged?

Axway Track & Trace can help you answer all of these questions with a centralized, GS1 standards-based solution that reduces the risk, cost, and complexity of generating and allocating serial numbers across multiple sites.

Axway Track & Trace manages the lifecycle events of products as they move through your extended supply chain, making it much easier to manage serial numbers across multiple facilities. With a single framework for serial number management, you can:

  • Ensure the uniqueness of serial numbers at the pallet, case, and/or unit level. Track & Trace assigns serial number ranges to manufacturing lines or facilities and generates an initialization (commissioning) event. Central management of serial numbers ensures non-repudiation across multiple lines or facilities/plants.
  • Support multiple serial number formats. Track & Trace can generate unique serial numbers using any standard, including GTIN and SSCC.
  • Manage multiple printing solutions by integrating Track & Trace with line management systems or off-line labeling systems.

These powerful business activity monitoring capabilities allow you to fully leverage your investment in serialization to improve operational performance and supply chain security.

Manage your supply chain:

  • Capture events and master data into a central repository
  • Gain uniform access to global information
  • Use serial numbers and channel authentication to support investigations
  • Ensure data quality

Monitor your channel:

  • Define reports, alerts, and dashboards to monitor your channel in real time
  • Monitor orders
  • Analyze commonality and trends

Ensure regulatory compliance and enforce supply agreements:

  • Meet emerging global regulations for tracking and tracing pharmaceuticals, food products, and other manufactured goods.
  • Monitor adherence with policy-based business rules
  • Document a chain of evidence
  • Create vendor scorecards based on configurable KPIs
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