Accounting Integration Solutions for the Enterprise - Axway

Whether you outsource your accounting and finance systems or keep them in-house, and whether accounting is a department within your organization or your principal business, you’re undoubtedly facing more demanding, more frequent, and above all, more timely regulatory compliance requirements. A number of factors are contributing to tighter compliance demands on data processed by accounting and financial systems, including:

  • A sharp increase in financial communications (both in volume and in frequency)
  • Important new accounting standards
  • The legal obligation to maintain documentary evidence of all transactions

Additionally, as countries around the world move from local accounting standards to regional and global requirements, Axway accounting integration and compliance solutions help you meet these demands with support for multiple accounting standards, full audit trails, and high performance for any volume of data.

Axway Accounting Integration Suite is a rules engine that helps businesses quickly integrate operational production systems with General Ledgers (local GAAP) and reporting systems, compliance-enabled reporting (IFRS, side ledgers, etc.), and financial monitoring systems (MIS, Risks, Reporting, and others). Accounting Integration Suite provides:

  • Ensured compliance with complex regulatory requirements, including IFRS and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Secure, controlled accounting and financial processes (monthly, daily, etc.).
  • A single, powerful solution that replaces accounting and finance logic from disparate systems.
  • Fast and secure delivery of consolidated financial reporting.
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