Axway Cloud Services

Quickly and easily extend your infrastructure to the cloud

Why are so many organizations looking for ways to incorporate efficient and flexible cloud-based services into their existing infrastructures? There is a whole host of business and technology drivers behind the shift, such as taking advantage of cloud economics, speeding time to value, and providing anywhere, anytime access to solutions.

Axway Cloud Services deliver these benefits and more through rapid, frictionless implementation of packaged solutions that can solve your immediate problems within an elastic environment that grows as you grow. By making it easy to quickly connect your on-premise systems to your partner networks in the cloud, Axway Cloud Services empower you to architect your integration infrastructure in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

Axway Cloud Services offerings include:

Axway Cloud API Service – Fast to provision, exceedingly scalable, reliable and secure, subscribe to an API Gateway and Portal in the cloud. Provide all of the edge services and policy enforcement on your API, SOA, B2B, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) traffic with a secure virtual private cloud configuration. Axway Cloud API Service offers: 

  • Rapid deployment for immediate adoption of the solution and instant return of value to the business
  • Easy provisioning of new environments for POC, development, testing, prototype, and production environments without having to budget for, add and setup new hardware in-house
  • Dynamic auto-scaling that adjusts to handle peak loads without business interruption
  • Flexible cloud subscription pricing options that don’t require capital expenditures
  • Choice of upgrades done automatically or when you want them

Axway Cloud B2B Service — Ready-to-deploy, cloud-based configurations of Axway B2B and Integration products provide a unique combination of visibility, agility, security, and technical capabilities for your organization and your entire trading community. You can use Axway Cloud B2B Service to:

  • Consolidate legacy systems and migrate your high-value and/or high-traffic partners to a more cost-effective, secure and agile cloud solution.
  • Extend your existing EDI, XML and ERP applications (such as SAP and Lawson) outside your enterprise with comprehensive B2B integration functionality.
  • Replace costly VANs and gain control over critical high-value interactions with an Axway managed private cloud solution.
  • Meet new business needs, rapidly, without impacting your existing legacy environment.

Axway Cloud MFT Service  – Cloud-based secure file exchange enables your organization to securely manage and track the transfer of files inside and outside the enterprise. Axway Cloud MFT Service includes:

  • Enterprise-class, robust managed file transfer for exchanging mission-critical information with your business partners and integrating with internal applications.
  • Portal-based file transfer for integrating with existing portals to provide audit and security features for file uploads and downloads.
  • Ad-hoc human communications, enabling secure and auditable ad-hoc file transfer via Lotus Notes or Outlook (plug-ins required), or Web-based interface (included).

Axway Cloud Community Management — An innovative platform for building and managing your community in a scalable, highly flexible cloud environment. ACM dramatically speeds and simplifies:

  • Partner Management, by consolidating disparate information about your trading partners in a single, comprehensive partner profile that is accessible by all authorized parties and systems.
  • Partner On-boarding, to reduce on-boarding time and expense by streamlining communications with partners, centrally managing enrollment workflows, and automating profile provisioning to backend systems.

Axway Cloud Track and Trace Service provides:

  • Serialization to allocate unique serial number ranges across multiple locations, making it easier to manage the generation of serial numbers at the enterprise level.
  • Diversion detection to increase your revenues and protect your profits by detecting potential “gray market” product diversion.
  • Global regulatory compliance helping you comply with existing regulations for pharmaceuticals, devices, and food products, and prepare for emerging requirements including serialization and global traceability compliance reporting.
  • Anti-counterfeiting to protect your brand and meet safety and quality expectations by rapidly identifying counterfeit products.

Axway Cloud CSOS Service makes it easy for buyers and suppliers of regulated pharmaceuticals to reduce operational expenses and increase security while ensuring real-time compliance with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations.

Axway Cloud eSubmissions Service which automates connectivity to suppliers of regulatory data so that you can:

  • Comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), all of which have standardized on Axway eSubmissions for enabling the healthcare industry to submit regulatory documentation.

Axway Cloud B2B Service for Automotive optimizes supply chain processes, such as ordering, delivery, forecasting and billing transactions, and CAD-CAM flows to enable faster data flow and throughput. Enables automotive organizations to:

  • Plan and implement an OFTP2 deployment
  • Improve process visibility and transparency for better, faster decision making.
  • Speed time-to-value by utilizing pre-configured scenarios with little to no adaptation requirements
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