Axway Pharmaceutical Solutions & Biotech Solutions

If you’re responsible for B2B communications and transactions in a healthcare, pharmaceutical, or biotech organization, what keeps you up at night? Most likely, you worry about protecting sensitive and proprietary data, ensuring compliance and keeping the supply chain safe.

Across the globe, US$1.3B in pharmaceutical and biotech transactions move through Axway B2B infrastructures every day, helping companies ensure safe, secure, and efficient supply chains while addressing a range of evolving governmental legislation and trading-partner mandates.

  • Axway CSOS helps significantly reduce expenses, increase security, and ensure compliance with U.S. DEA regulations for the order and management of controlled substances.
  • Axway eSubmissions is the gold standard for regulated submissions, adopted by regulators in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.
  • Axway Track & Trace  provides end-to-end transparency, supply chain logistics management, and product authentication services across even the most complex supply chains. Axway Track & Trace guarantees the authenticity of origin and demonstrates possession as pharmaceutical drugs move through the supply chain, delivering a clear trail of ownership at each step of the process.

These powerful Life Sciences technology solutions are used by:

  • The top 10 global pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • All major U.S. healthcare distributors
  • The top three online healthcare exchanges
  • Most retail drugstores
  • Major regulatory bodies (FDA, EMA, MHLW)
  • Over 600 healthcare companies

Axway also provides comprehensive Managed File Transfer and Email & Identity Security solutions that allow organizations like these to leverage the systems and networks they already have in place to securely exchange confidential PHI and other sensitive information, dramatically enhancing customer service, boosting productivity, simplifying HIPAA compliance, and reducing operating costs.

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