Axway InSight – The Right Solution for Business Inventory Management & Community Enablement

Ever heard the phrase, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”? In today’s B2B-driven economy, nothing could be further from the truth. Because when it comes to business agility and the burgeoning rapidity of business flow, you need to be able to visualize, analyze, and quickly act on order fulfillment trends and inventory imbalances in real-time.

Axway InSight delivers the visibility you need in order to understand and fulfill true demand. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, InSight provides the visibility and data integrity required to drive additional sales by optimizing inventory levels and efficiently managing agreements between your supply chain partners.

Axway InSight harnesses and leverages a wealth of business data so that you can: 

  • Aggregate information: securely and reliably gather data from transactions with trading partners, sales and master data to present a tailored view to a business user so they can easily understand it and take action.
  • Monitor performance against set agreements: Customized KPI’s measurements at any combination of partner, product line or SKU level to take supply chain performance, sales performance and revenue monitoring to the next level
  • Guide community actions through policy enforcement: Enable partners to measure performance through simple to understand scorecards, in real-time, so corrective action can be taken to improve customer service, increase sales opportunities and maximize profitability.

With InSight, manufacturers can improve the accuracy of pay for performance programs and capitalize on key revenue opportunities such as new product introductions and store-level in-stock improvements. More importantly, national account executives and trade directors have the details at their fingertips to help them align manufacturers and distributors in a common cause – to increase in-stock rates at chains and providers and improve profitability for every entity in the supply chain.

InSight provides reliable, secure capture, transfer, and management of 180, 844, 850, 852, and 867 data files as they flow between distributors, retailers, and your business. Your trade and account executives can then use InSight’s best-practice scorecards, reports, and real-time, exception-based analytics to proactively increase the accuracy and effectiveness of:

  • Revenue management by matching inventory to demand and proactively monitor chargebacks/returns.
  • Forecasting by adjusting production runs based on brand, financial, and sales and operations forecasts to actuals.
  • New product introductions by tracking pre-launch inventories, push programs and return trends.
  • Pay for performance program management by paying based on OIG, FTC, SEC, and SOX 404 compliant scorecards.
  • Chargebacks and rebates by tracking positive or negative chargebacks to 867 sales and short or in-date returns.
  • Sales force planning by helping sales target regional inventory issues using 852 and 867 data.

InSight provides real-time views of orders, on-time shipment rates, and days of supply in a simple, role-based web application that gives you:

The power to see

  • With the click of a button, InSight allows you to correlate and trend these key performance indicators (KPIs) by wholesaler, retailer, product, category – even down to the store level.
  • InSight includes pre-packaged views of the critical information you need to monitor supply agreements, spot unusual orders, and increase sales opportunities. It compliments existing data warehouses with real-time, context-sensitive, exception-based analytics of very large, highly detailed sales and inventory reports, such as extended 852 and 867.

The clarity to focus

  • InSight compares your 850 order details to these reports based on user-defined performance rules and metrics, and delivers automated alerts to the appropriate trade analysts.
  • InSight finds “needles” in very large haystacks of 852 and 867 data, and pushes only the most relevant content to trade analysts for immediate action. It simplifies supply agreement and pay-per-performance monitoring with pre-packaged scorecards for each of your wholesalers and retailers.

The confidence to act

  • InSight helps you leverage a new level of detailed operational visibility across several key functions including supply agreement monitoring, sales compensation, customer service, marketing, and finance—so you can confidently and proactively act on order trends and inventory balances in real-time.
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