Axway Sentinel – What’s in a Name?

Data flow monitoring, visibility and analytics for business and IT processes

(sen•ti•nel (n.): A lookout, watchman, guard)

On any given business day, you may face questions like:

  • Where is my file?
  • Has a data-transfer problem affected our shipments?
  • Are we missing SLAs?
  • How are we performing compared to last year, and to objectives?
  • How has our latest product promotion impacted our supply chain?
  • Did this payment get settled?

With Axway Sentinel looking out for your business 24 hours a day, you can answer these kinds of questions, and spot, anticipate, manage and resolve issues before a problem negatively impacts your business.

Govern the flow of data from end-to-end, throughout your entire enterprise ecosystem

Axway Sentinel enables you to discover, monitor and analyze data as it flows across your entire enterprise ecosystem, not just Axway systems. With the ability to govern the flow of data in the context of your end-to-end business processes, you have the visibility you need to monitor KPIs, meet SLAs, ensure regulatory compliance - and avoid losses and penalties that can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sentinel monitors both Axway and third-party applications and systems, giving your enterprise clear visibility into all data flows throughout your extended value chain.

Real-time dashboards for technical, functional and business data flows

Axway Sentinel is event-driven and application-agnostic, with a powerful correlation engine and intuitive dashboards that enable you to monitor and capture global events and KPIs from both Axway and third-party applications and systems in real time.

In one central location, Sentinel dashboards give business managers and IT staff clear visibility into all data flows, including Managed File Transfer (MFT), B2B transactions and API-based interactions. Because Sentinel tracks data flows at technical, functional and business levels, it is able to display events and processes in a context that is easy for all users to understand.

Key features and benefits

  • End-to-end visibility and proactive monitoring:
    • Optimize order-to-cash and supply chain processes, payments, store management, patient information management and general ledger population activities.
    • Reduce problem-resolution time and costs by as much as 80% with event monitoring, non-event detection, and proactive notification of potential process disruptions.
    • Gain a high-level, business-oriented view of your process events (such as shipments, orders, and delivery) with status indication at each process milestone.
    • Resolve transaction blocks or delays by drilling down to the finest technical detail to identify issues and take corrective actions before they impact your back-end systems.
  • Predictability and agility: Improve responsiveness to customer and partner requests with configurable business processes, KPIs, and self-diagnostic tools that support internal teams and external trading partners.
  • Flexibility and interoperability: Streamline vendor management and monitor any application script or application in your system. Sentinel's open, service-oriented architecture delivers true interoperability within your enterprise IT infrastructure and with your trading partners.
  • Usability: Use Sentinel's intuitive reporting and web dashboard creation engine to construct customized KPI and technical monitoring dashboards that show real-time visual representations of system and business process health.
  • Operational intelligence: Aggregate business metrics using Sentinel's correlation rules engine that defines business and technical KPIs, and processes monitored data to define and initiate actions automatically.
  • Traceability:
    • Monitor all operations, including current and historical activity of Axway 5 Suite components.
    • Capture system changes as audit events for regulatory compliance.
    • Locate specific transactions using ascending and descending audit trail capabilities.
    • Automatically generate scheduled or event-driven reports and send them as PDF or Excel files to appropriate parties, including audit officers.
  • Centralized monitoring and management. Improve governance with a single, global view of your IT operations and business processes, and drive regulatory compliance through increased control of data flow.
  • Extensibility. Extend Sentinel's visibility and monitoring capabilities to customers and partners with a web-based dashboard that can now be displayed on mobile devices.
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