Axway Public Sector IT Solutions

Using Axway's Business Interaction Network solutions, civilian as well as military and public administrations around the world have improved trade facilitation, regulatory compliance, and quality of service to citizens and businesses — all while reducing costs. Axway solutions provide the integration, data security, policy enforcement, and tracking and reporting capabilities Public Sector agencies need to:

  • Establish interoperability between information systems
  • Consolidate file transfer activities onto a single, integrated platform
  • Go paperless with eInvoicing
  • Open an efficient channel for healthcare communications and transactions 
  • Prepare for eIdentity requirements

Establish interoperability between information systems

Axway solutions include everything government IT organizations need to establish interoperability between separate, independent administration and business partner information systems. Local agencies, central offices and ministries can consolidate information and business process silos into shared services platforms that deliver widely accessible, reliable, and secure G2G (government-to-government), G2C (government-to-citizen), and G2B (government-to-business) services— from eInvoicing, to passport renewal and change of address, to inter-agency reporting and accountancy — all while complying with government mandates such as PRESTO in France and BAS in Sweden.

Consolidate file transfer activities onto a single, integrated platform

Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions enable governments to upgrade and consolidate connections on a single platform that easily scales to support increasing data volumes, expansion across multiple business units, and growing user communities. Designed to handle both interactive, user-driven communications and automated file transfer over the Internet and private IP networks, Axway MFT solutions enable you to consolidate disparate systems, replace costly VANs and VPN connections, automate and streamline applications, and simplify compliance with policies and regulations.

Go paperless with eInvoicing

In the Public Sector, government directives mandating electronic invoicing are increasingly common. Axway eInvoice enables 100% electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes containing qualified digital signatures, thus reducing processing time and cost by eliminating the need to send summary invoices on paper or by fax.  eInvoice conforms to relevant laws and EU directives, such as those established by Denmark and the French tax authority for the electronic exchange of structured invoices. eInvoice provides all functions described in the published recommendations from GALIA (Groupement pour l'Amélioration des Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile) and GS1 France (Global Standard 1).

Open an efficient channel for healthcare communications and transactions 

Axway offers a suite of healthcare communication solutions that enable government agencies to ensure regulatory compliance and improve efficiency by moving costly administrative processes and financial transactions online. ePedigree, track and trace, secure email, secure file transfer, and other key technologies make it safe and efficient for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and central welfare agencies to exchange sensitive data online — ensuring confidentiality of health dossiers and other Protected Health Information (PHI) while reducing the cost and complexity of compliance with emerging mandates in EMEA and HIPAA in the United States.

Prepare for e-Identity requirements

As governments around the world prepare for the introduction of electronic ID cards or other credentials, they need to establish a solid infrastructure for identity validation and data protection. The Axway Validation Authority (VA) Suite offers a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable framework for real-time validation of digital certificates within PKI environments, ensuring the validity and integrity of highly valued and trusted transactions between citizens, businesses, and government agencies. Axway SecureMessenger minimizes liability, ensures compliance, and improves governance with centralized, proactive email content filtering, policy enforcement, and gateway-to-gateway encryption to protect against accidental data leakage that can result in agency policy infractions and regulatory violations. 

Build infrastructure for public eServices

Central and local governments face a significant challenge when implementing paperless systems – managing and monitoring processes involving multiple organizations, as well as multiple departments within an organization.  And these processes must be managed and monitored independently of both their life-cycle length and the nature of the information systems involved. Axway B2Bi solutions orchestrate and support the data exchanges underlying such processes, including citizen-oriented eServices provided via single electronic windows, and partner-oriented services provided through A2A or A2B exchange platforms.  Axway also enables data exchange between different administrative departments within organizations through secure, reliable, controlled and efficient Managed File Transfer solutions, including G2G (government-to-government), G2C (government-to-citizen), and G2B (government-to-business) services.

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